Below you will find buying tips and advice for the numatic James vacuum JVP180 cleaner including a brief but useful review. Use the information to help you decide if this is the right vacuum cleaner for you.

The James vacuum cleaner is the ultra small dry vacuum from the popular Henry vacuum cleaner range; this vacuum is a lot lighter than the original red Henry vacuum cleaner.

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James Vacuum JVP180 Review

This is the highly rated numatic James vacuum cleaner that only weighs 5.2kgs, which is about 1kg lighter than the original red Henry vacuum cleaner; it has a slightly less powerful motor at 1100 W but still has very powerful suction.

The numatic James vacuum cleaner has exactly the same cleaning range as the original red Henry vacuum which is 26.8 m, the only difference is that it is lighter and has a unique caddy lid allowing you to store tools in and other useful cleaning accessories such as polish and dusters. With the James vacuum cleaner being slightly smaller than the red Henry vacuum it has a slightly smaller dust capacity of 8 L compared to the 9 L capacity of the Henry vacuum, I would say that this vacuum is better suited to older people or people that struggle pulling heavy vacuum cleaners around the house, this vacuum is so light it will make your vacuuming a breeze and possibly a joy to do.

Like the original red Henry the James vacuum has the very effective tritex filtration system, which is there to banish those nasty smells you sometimes get when hoovering, what goes into the vacuum stays in the vacuum.

The numatic James vacuum cleaner uses easy to install and remove dust bags which are very cheap to buy, the best way to describe the James vacuum is to say it’s a large yellow bucket on wheels, it’s simple to use and has incredible suction that just does the job it is supposed to do.

The James vacuum cleaner has achieved an impressive 4.8 out of 5 star product rating on amazon at the time of writing, like all the Henry vacuum cleaners this one is no different and comes highly recommended.

Customers that have bought the numatic James vacuum cleaner state that it is compact, solid and well built, it will last you a very long time and some say that their Henry vacuum has lasted over 20 years.

With the James vacuum cleaner having a slightly smaller motor than the original red Henry vacuum it means it is a bit quieter too, this will probably be the quietest vacuum cleaner you have ever had.

Don’t worry that the motor is slightly less powerful than the red Henry vacuum because it still has very very good suction even on it’s economy setting, if you buy this numatic James vacuum model you will get four bags with it and all the useful attachments to clean your carpet and upholstery.

With the James vacuum cleaner you get a very long cable which wraps around the top of the vacuum cleaner after use, it does not retract into the machine like it does on the original red Henry vacuum, which is reported to be easier to replace should it become damaged.

If you have had an expensive vacuum cleaner in the past like a Dyson or Vax and you have become sick of emptying the bin all the time and dealing with blockages then now is the time to try out a James vacuum cleaner, they are cheap and I assure you that you will not be disappointed, just read through the many excellent customer reviews if you need any more information.

James Vacuum JVP180

Customers state that these are very good vacuum cleaners and they would buy one again they are that good, the numatic James vacuum cleaner will not let you down, it is easy to move around the home, you will not be disappointed with this vacuum cleaner, it’s so good I have no bad points to mention.

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