Below I have completed a brief but useful review on the Henry vacuum HVY200-22 which is the yellow version of the very popular red Henry vacuum cleaner.

The Henry vacuum HVY200-22 has the exact same features as the red Henry vacuum and is slightly more expensive, if you prefer your Henry to be yellow then this is the one for you.

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Henry Vacuum HVY200-22 Review

This is the very popular yellow Henry vacuum HVY200-22 model which is exactly the same as the best selling red Henry.

The yellow Henry vacuum HVY200-22 has a powerful suction and a 1200W motor, it has easy to install dust bags which are very cheap to buy and it has a unique cable rewind system that makes life a little easier when it come to hoovering the house.

The yellow Henry vacuum HVY200-22 has a long cleaning range of 31.8m making it ideal for taking upstairs and outside to hoover the car. The Henry vacuum HVY200-22 has a hi/lo setting feature that allows you to save energy and most importantly cash, the vacuum is quieter when used in lo mode and it still has excellent suction, you can slip into hi mode with the flick of a switch.

The little Henry vacuum HVY200-22 is very well made and robust and will take a lot of knocks and bangs and will not break, many customers state that they have had their Henry vacuum cleaners for over 20 years, what a great investment these really are and are great value for money. I wonder how many Dyson hoovers have lasted over 20 years?

Although these vacuums are small and are easy to store away they do have a large 9-litre capacity which means you will not have to change the bags very often, if you are having trouble with your bag less vacuum, if it keeps blocking or breaking down then do not hesitate to get one of these numatic bagged Henry vacuum HVY200-22 cleaners, you will not be disappointed.

The Henry vacuum HVY200-22 only weighs 6.6kg so they are very easy to pull quickly around the house without getting tired, why should vacuuming feel like work, just get one of these and keep things simple and just get the job done, no messing.

The yellow numatic Henry vacuum HVY200-22 has an impressive 5 out of 5 star product rating on amazon, what more can I say really, these little bad boys will make your life that little bit easier.

Customers that have bought the Henry vacuum HVY200-22 state that they are great and are without doubt the best vacuum they have ever had. If you are sick of losing suction on your Dyson then just try one of these, the Henry vacuum HVY200-22 will not let you down.

The Henry vacuum HVY200-22 is quiet, it cleans hard floors and carpets, it comes with a set of useful tools to clean your upholstery, the parts are cheap to buy and they pick up animal hair with ease, what more could you ask for at this price.

The Henry vacuum HVY200-22 comes highly recommended by many customers, just read through the many amazing reviews if you need any more information.

You should buy the Henry vacuum HVY200-22 if you are looking for a light and easy to use vacuum that just gets the job done without any fuss, they are cheap to buy considering how long they last and compared to the price of Dyson vacuum cleaners, these are quality you will wish that you had bought one a long time ago.

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