George Vacuum GVE370-2

Below you will find a useful review on the 3 in 1 numatic George vacuum GVE370-2 including some buying tips and advice. Use the information to help you decide if this is the right vacuum for you from the Henry vacuum range.

The George vacuum cleaner is a very popular wet and dry vacuum that is very powerful and has a large wet and dry capacity, this is a great cleaner for around the home or business.

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George Vacuum Cleaner GVE370-2 Review

George VacuumThis is the very popular and highly rated numatic George vacuum cleaner which is a 3 in 1 bagged wet and dry vacuum cleaner for around the home and business.

The George vacuum cleaner has a powerful 1200 W motor and a huge wet capacity of 9-litres and a dry capacity of 15-litres. The George vacuum also comes with the highly successful tritex filtration system for when in dry use which means you don’t get all those nasty smells you sometimes get when hoovering, what goes into the vacuum stays in the vacuum, you won’t get lots of dust particles left in the air after hoovering which is great news for allergy and asthma sufferers.

The numatic 3 in 1 George vacuum cleaner has stainless steel tubes inside for non-rust and it only weighs 8.8 kg, which is not bad for a wet and dry vacuum cleaner with such a large capacity.

If you are looking for an all in one cleaning solution and have got fed up with your Dyson or Vax vacuum cleaner then now is the time to try out the George vacuum cleaner you will not be disappointed, it will do all your wet and dry vacuuming including scrubbing and drying hard floors carpets and upholstery.

Like the original and highly rated red Henry vacuum cleaner the numatic George vacuum comes with a two stage motor which allows you to run it in hi and lo modes, in lo mode you will save energy and most importantly money, if you need more suction just push a switch and you will go into hi mode, it’s so simple to use and set up.

The 3 in 1 George vacuum cleaner is very popular and has achieved an impressive product rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars on amazon at the time of writing from a whole load of customer reviews.

Customers that have bought the numatic George vacuum cleaner state that it is a very versatile machine and you will wonder how you managed before without it.

The dry vacuum on the George vacuum cleaner is just like it is on the original Henry only you have a larger dust capacity, the suction on the original Henry is superb and is great for picking up dog and cat hair.

Some customers state that the wet cleaning function on the George vacuum cleaner is better than on the more expensive Vax vacuum cleaners, for the price the George vacuum is without doubt the best wet and dry vacuum you can get.

I know from experience that all the vacuum cleaners in the Henry range are very well made and they do last a very long time, one customer has stated that their numatic George vacuum cleaner has lasted over 25 years, what about that for great value for money.

The George vacuum cleaner has so many uses I know you will not be disappointed with it, the machine can pump out flooded houses, can dry out carpets and hard floors, can suck out blocked toilets and drain pipes, it can do just about anything, great value for money.

I am confident that if you switch to a numatic George vacuum cleaner or one of the others from the Henry range you will not be going back to or buying any other vacuum cleaner, they are that good and will not let you down, they are easy to use and move around the home and are cheap to repair.

Many customers state that they have bought another 3 in 1 George vacuum cleaner because their old one has packed in after many many years of loyal service, what more can I say other than don’t waste your time looking at another wet and dry vacuum just get the George vacuum.

Don’t get let down by the other more expensive branded vacuum cleaners just let the numatic George vacuum cleaner do the job, it will never lose suction and you won’t have to keep changing the bags or unblocking it like you do with some of the other more expensive bag less vacuum cleaners.

If the 3 in 1 George vacuum cleaner is a little out of your price range then have a look at the highly rated James vacuum cleaner which is the number one best seller in amazons wet and dry vacuum department and is around £70 cheaper than the George vacuum cleaner.

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