Charles Vacuum CVC370

Below you will find buying tips and advice for the popular numatic Charles vacuum CVC370 cleaner, this is the number one best selling wet & dry vacuum on amazon.

Use the information below to help you decide if the Charles vacuum cleaner is the right one for your home or business, this is a very popular commercial/multifunctional vacuum cleaner.


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Charles Vacuum CVC370 Review

Charles Vacuum CVC370This is the very popular numatic Charles vacuum CVC370 wet and dry cleaner, this is the number one best selling wet & dry vacuum on amazon.

The Charles vacuum cleaner is very cheap for what it is and it comes highly recommended, it can be used for wet and dry cleaning and it has a 1200 W motor giving it a very powerful suction for cleaning your carpets and upholstery.

The numatic Charles vacuum has the tritex filtration system, which is there to banish all those nasty smells you can sometimes get when you are hoovering, Charles also has aluminium tubes so that he won’t rust up.

Like the very popular original Henry vacuum cleaner the Charles vacuum has a two stage motor meaning you can run it in hi and lo modes, in lo mode the vacuum will be quieter and will save energy and cash. All you have to do to switch between modes is press a switch it’s that easy, just flick into hi mode when you need more suction on those very dirty hard to clean areas.

If you are going to use the numatic Charles vacuum for wet cleaning a lot it has a safety float valve and for dry use uses disposable dust bags which are cheap to buy on amazon and are the number one best seller in vacuum bags on amazon.

With the Charles vacuum cleaner you will get two floor nozzles one of which is for all wet cleaning. If you are looking for a multifunctional vacuum for wet and dry use then look no further than the highly rated Charles vacuum cleaner.

The numatic Charles vacuum cleaner can clean everything around the home and much more; he will pick up all your dust and dirt with no problems and will even unblock your sink or dry your floor, what a vacuum.

The Charles vacuum cleaner is very popular and has received an impressive 4.7 out of 5 star product rating on amazon at the time of writing, I am sure that if you buy this wet and dry vacuum you will not be disappointed one bit.

Forget all the expensive wet and dry vacuum cleaners out there just get the numatic Charles vacuum simply because it works, if you have had problems with other makes of wet and dry vacuums then you should try out the Charles vacuum, don’t be put off by its cheap price tag, yes it is basic, yes it is easy to use and yes it works, it just gets the job done.

All the vacuum cleaners in the Henry range have very very good suction and the Charles vacuum is no different even in wet mode, it will suck up water quickly and easily no problem.

Customers that have bought the numatic Charles vacuum wet and dry cleaner state that it is a great hoover and carpet cleaner in one, the suction is good like all the numatic Henry vacuum cleaners and it is very robust too like the rest of the range, this vacuum will last you a long time making it excellent value for money.

All you have to do is to read through all the excellent customer reviews for the Charles vacuum cleaner to know just how good it is, I am sure this will be the best vacuum cleaner you have ever had and for the price it’s worth giving it a go.

I would give the Charles vacuum cleaner a 5 out of 5 star product rating, it has incredible suction, it is cheap to buy, it is quiet, it is powerful and will last a long time, I don’t have any negative points to make on the Charles vacuum it’s that good, you will not regret buying this.

If you are having trouble with your Dyson losing suction and you are getting sick of having to unblock and empty the bin all the time then now is the time to switch to a Henry vacuum, if you want a wet and dry one then the numatic Charles vacuum is the one for you from the Henry range.

You will love the Charles vacuum cleaner because it is so easy to manoeuvre around and I am certain it will be better than your last wet and dry vacuum unless it was a Charles of course, many customers state that they have had many Charles vacuum cleaners before which speaks for itself.

Best Price: £196.99. Free UK delivery.

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