Below you will find advice, buying tips and a short but useful review for the Henry vacuum HVB200-22. Use the information provided to help you decide if this is the right vacuum for you from the popular Henry vacuum range.

The Henry vacuum HVB200-22 is exactly the same as the very popular red Henry vacuum cleaner only blue. The blue Henry vacuum is a powerful 1200W bagged cylinder vacuum, which is perfect for zipping around the house.

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Henry Vacuum HVB200-22 Review

This is the very popular Henry vacuum HVB200-22 model which has a high efficiency filtration system, a clever folding handle that makes it easy to move around the home and uses cheap and easy to fit dust bags.

People love the Henry vacuum HVB200-22 because they are light at only 6.6kg, they are small and easy to store away, very simple and easy to use and have a large 9-litre capacity which means you don’t have to change the bags all the time. The cleaning range for the Henry vacuum HVB200-22 is 31.8m and comes with a great set of tools that make cleaning your house a little bit easier and at the same time making life a little less complicated when it comes to hoovering.

The Henry vacuum HVB200-22 has a unique rewind system for its cords which makes it easy to pack up and store away, the vacuum has a hi and low setting feature that allows you to save energy and money when in low mode with the suction still staying strong, if you need more suction for animal hair just flick a switch to go into high mode and you get more suction.

The Henry vacuum HVB200-22 is great for older people as they are so light and easy to move around the home, I am sure you will not be disappointed if you buy one of these.

The Henry vacuum HVB200-22 has a very impressive 5 out of 5 star product rating on amazon at the time of writing, people basically say don’t bother with other pricier vacuums when this one does the job so well.

The Henry vacuum HVB200-22 is simple to use and set up you will wonder how you managed without it, and best of all these little beauties last a very long time so you will feel that you get value for your money.

I would say from my experience not to be sucked in by the bag less vacuum cleaners clever marketing campaigns, bag less vacuums are expensive, they block up often and they break all the time too and are expensive to repair, get a Henry vacuum HVB200-22 and you will never look back, you will not suffer any of the headaches you do with the bag less hoovers.

The suction on the Henry vacuum HVB200-22 is strong and they are so easy to move around and store away, it’s simple and it just does the job no messing around, just get it done with the Henry vacuum HVB200-22, just read the reviews, these vacuums are quality.

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