Harry Vacuum Cleaner HHR200A

Below you will find a brief review on the Harry vacuum cleaner HHR200A including some advice and useful buying tips. Use the information to help you decide if this is the right vacuum cleaner for you.

The Harry vacuum cleaner HHR200A is a numatic pet vacuum that has many of the same features of the original red Henry vacuum including the energy saving motor.

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Harry Vacuum HHR200A Review

Harry Vacuum HHR200AThis is the highly rated Harry vacuum HHR200A that is ideal for homes with pets, if you are having trouble picking up cat or dog hair with your current vacuum then this is the one for you.

The Harry vacuum cleaner HHR200A is ideal for households with pets because it comes with a unique pet hairbrush and an excellent filter so that you do not get those horrible pet smells left behind after hoovering.

The Harry vacuum HHR200A comes complete with a useful tool accessory pack making it easy to clean your upholstery too, it comes with a very long 26.8 m cable which makes it that little bit easier to clean upstairs and outside in the car without having to use an extension cable.

Just like the original Henry vacuum the Harry vacuum cleaner has a huge 9-litre capacity, which means you will not have to change the dust bags over all the time.

Like the red Henry vacuum the Harry vacuum cleaner has a powerful 1200 W motor and very powerful suction which can be used in two different modes, when in lo mode the suction is not as good but the vacuum is quieter and it saves you energy and money. All you have to do to go into hi mode is to flick a switch and you have more suction in an instant, it’s that easy.

The Harry vacuum cleaner is very light and easy to pull around the house and it is very well made, it will take knocks and bangs and will still work, many customers state that their Harry vacuum has lasted over 20 years, you can’t beat that for good value.

The Harry vacuum cleaner just does what it is built to do, it was designed to be simple and very easy to use and have a powerful suction, which it definitely has.

Basically the best way to describe the Harry vacuum cleaner is that it is just like a large bucket on wheels, you lift the black lid off to reveal the dust bag area which are easy to install and remove.

If you lose suction with your current vacuum and you are sick of having to unblock it and change or empty the bag a lot now is the time to buy the Harry vacuum cleaner, I know you will not regret it.

The Harry vacuum cleaner will easily suck up pet hair and will banish all those nasty pet odours that are sometimes left filling the air after you have vacuumed.

What makes the Harry vacuum HHR200A different from the original red Henry vacuum is that it has a unique dual purpose hair brush, you can use it upright on your carpets and then use it as a hand brush on your upholstery and fabrics, no more dog and cat hair all over the sofa.

The numatic Harry vacuum cleaner has an impressive 5 out of 5 star product rating on amazon at the time of writing, many customers stating that they have used Dyson and Vax vacuums before they have used the Harry vacuum and the Harry vacuum is without doubt the best.

Unlike a Dyson or Vax the Harry vacuum HHR200A will not lose suction and will not kick out a nasty smell while you are hoovering. All the pet attachments that come with the Harry vacuum HHR200A are excellent, forget the more expensive vacuum cleaners just get the Harry vacuum HHR200A it will not let you down, just read through the excellent customer reviews if you need any more information.

Other vacuum cleaners will not have the lifespan of the Harry vacuum cleaner and they are sure to be more expensive, I think if you are looking for a pet vacuum that just works then this is a no brainer.

The Harry vacuum cleaner is so good that after reading through many customer reviews I can’t find any drawbacks or complaints with them, they are quiet, have great suction and get rid of pet odour completely, what more could you want.

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