Henry Spray Mop

Below you will find a brief but useful review on the popular Henry spray mop including some buying tips and advice. Use the information to help you decide if this is the right mop for you.

The Henry spray mop is a highly rated hard floor mop that carries around cleaning solution, it is very easy to use and like the Henry vacuum cleaners it gets the job done quickly and easily.


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Henry Spray Mop Review

Henry Spray MopThis is the very popular and highly rated Henry spray mop HM40 which is only 1kg in weight and comes with a 400mm mop pad and cleaning solution.

The Henry spray mop is for use on hard floors and comes with a 400ml bottle attached to the back of the mop for your cleaning solution.

The useful Henry spray mop has achieved a 3.7 out of 5 star product rating on amazon, you can use for own cleaning solution mixture with the mop if you wish and the mop pads are very cheap to buy from amazon at around £5 a go.

Customers that have bought the Henry spray mop state it is a cracking little mop, you can put the mop pads to be cleaned in the washing machine which can then be used over and over again making this a very cheap and useful mop to have around the home.

Customers state that the Henry spray mop is easy to put together and if you have large areas of floor to clean this mop will do the job no problem. However the Henry spray mop does come with a few little problems unlike the Henry vacuum cleaners, the Henry spray mop can sometimes be a pain when the springs keep coming loose and if the spray nozzle gets twisted.

Henry Spray Mop HeadAs you can see the Henry spray mop can carry around your cleaning mixture which can be very handy to have as you move around the floor cleaning, you can give an extra squirt of cleaning solution to areas that are extra dirty.

The Henry spray mop is very well made and like the original Henry vacuum is made to do a job simply and easily, there are cheaper mops on the market but they are not as good as the Henry spray mop. The mop is light and easy to push and move around your hard floors meaning mopping just does not feel like as much hard work anymore, the Henry spray mop will make your life a little easier if you have large areas of hard floors to clean.

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