Henry Vacuum Bags

Below you will find useful buying options for Henry vacuum bags including a brief review on each of the selected Henry vacuum bags. Use the information to help you decide which Henry vacuum bags to buy.

We have included a link to buy the Henry vacuum bags that are the number one best seller in amazons vacuum bags department, these vacuum bags are very cheap to buy and you get 10 bags in each pack. We have plastic Henry vacuum bags and paper Henry vacuum bags to buy, read our reviews to see which you would prefer.

To read through some more customer reviews and to find the cheapest price to buy these Henry vacuum bags head on over to amazon.co.uk, they also sell lots of other cheap Henry vacuum accessories too.

NVM-1CH Cotton Henry Vacuum Bags Review

Henry Vacuum Bags NVM-1CHThese are the very popular and highly rated NVM-1CH Henry vacuum bags which are the number one best seller in amazons vacuum bags department.

These dust bags will fit all the vacuum cleaners in the Henry range and you get ten Henry vacuum bags in each box.

These cotton Henry vacuum bags are up to 14 times more efficient than paper bags, meaning they are better at keeping dust in the bag which is great news for asthma and allergy sufferers. What goes into your Henry vacuum bags stays in your Henry vacuum bags, no more dust particles floating in the air after you have finished hoovering.

These Henry vacuum bags have received a whopping 182 customer reviews at the time of writing, these are very popular vacuum bags and they come highly recommended too having scored an impressive 4.6 out of 5 star product rating from all those reviews.

Customers that have bought these Henry vacuum bags state that they are more expensive than the paper bags but they are worth the extra investment because they keep the dust particles in the bag, great for allergy sufferers.

These Henry vacuum bags are very strong and will last you a long time, they are a lot bigger that the paper bags too meaning you don’t have to change them over as often, they are simple to use and you just throw them away when you have finished.

What more needs to be said about these cotton Henry vacuum bags, they just do the job perfectly, you will not be disappointed if you buy these, great value for money because they last such a long time.

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Paper Henry Vacuum Bags Review

Paper Henry Vacuum BagsThese are the very popular and highly rated paper Henry vacuum bags, which have double micro filtration and fit all Henry vacuum cleaners.

In each pack you get ten paper Henry vacuum bags, these are very cheap to buy and are not as big as the ones that come with your Henry vacuum cleaner, if you want the big Henry vacuum bags go for the cotton ones listed above, these are a cheaper alternative to the cotton ones.

Because these are paper Henry vacuum bags they can be quite easy to rip when you are fitting them on your Henry vacuum, the bags may break when you come to take them off too meaning you will have dust and dirt everywhere, I personally would go for the slightly more expensive cotton Henry vacuum bags listed above.

It has also been noted that these bags don’t have as good ventilation as the Henry vacuum bags listed above which means there might be a nasty smell given off when you start hoovering, these bags can also reduce the suction of your Henry vacuum, I think it’s worth paying a bit extra for the white Henry vacuum bags.

Although if you know what to expect with these Henry vacuum bags you will not be disappointed and if you spend some time learning how to put them on correctly you might not get any nasty smells coming from them, the suction will stay good and you won’t rip them when you put them on and take them off, on the other side the cotton white Henry vacuum bags are not too much more expensive so I would go for those.

These paper Henry vacuum bags have received a whopping 114 customer reviews and have a very good product rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars, customers say that they are great value for money, as long as you don’t split them all the time.

Many customers do recommend the paper Henry vacuum bags and if you know how to put them on they will work perfectly, if you want a bigger Henry vacuum bag then go for the white ones above.

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