Henry 620W Extra Vacuum

The Henry 620W is supersonic on pet hair, you will not get a better hoover for this job. The turbo brush picks up long hairs with ease, no more pet hair over your upholstery and carpets.

Below you will find a useful review on the Henry 620W Extra vacuum, including some buying tips and advice. Use the information to help you decide if this is the right vacuum for you. Is the Henry Xtra 620W the right choice?

The Henry extra vacuum is a little bit more expensive than the original Henry vacuum, it is most definitely worth the extra cost for it’s enhanced filtration system. If your old Henry kicks out a horrible smell this one will not, the improved filtration system will see to that.

To read through some more customer reviews and to get the cheapest price to buy the Henry extra vacuum head on over to amazon.co.uk, the Henry 620W xtra is the perfect vacuum for pet households.

Henry Extra 620W Vacuum Review

Henry 620W Extra Vacuum.This is the very popular and highly recommended Henry extra vacuum cleaner. The hoover has an impressive 3-stage micro fresh filtration system, this stops all the bad smells that you sometimes get from other vacuum cleaners.

The odour control is done by the charcoal filter that is wedged between the twin tritex filters.

This is a great hoover for pet households that require a vacuum strong enough to pick up pet hair. You can also control the odour released while the vacuum is in operation. Like the original Henry vacuum the Henry extra vacuum has a powerful  motor that can be used in hi and lo modes.

Pros: Cons:
  • Very cheap compared to other hoovers
  • Really good at sucking up pet hair
  • Picks up long hairs easily
  • Good filtration system, no horrible smells
  • Powerful 1200W motor
  • Long cable
  • Large capacity
  • Comes with power brush
  • Last a really long time, very well made
  • Cheap replacement parts, bags and filters
  • Includes lots of tools
  • Can reach into tiny places
  • Can be used on soft and hard floors
  • Small, lightweight and easy to store away
  • Too much suction on hi mode, might be hard to push for some people
  • Dry vacuum only


When used in lo mode you save energy and cash, the vacuum runs a lot quieter too. If you need more suction for pet hair you just flick a switch and will zoom into hi mode giving you more suction. As soon as your done just flick the switch to go back into lo mode, it’s that simple.

The Henry extra vacuum has a long 10m cable. This makes it ideal to take upstairs, through the hallway and even outside to vacuum the car. This is a top of the range vacuum that comes with the recommended air power brush.

Henry Turbo Air BrushThe Henry  xtra vacuum has an impressive 4.9 out of 5 star product rating on amazon at the time of writing. Henry vacuums are loved because they are excellent value for money, they last a very long time and just get the job done, nice and simple.

If you have pets then I would recommend getting the Henry extra vacuum because it is so good at sucking up pet hair. The vacuum has a large capacity, this means you will not need to change the bags very often. Replacement bags are cheap to buy too, as are replacement filters.

Just have a read through the customer reviews, if you are having problems with your bag less vacuum, be it a Dyson or Hoover, then look no further than the Henry 6200W.

These hoovers are highly rated and highly recommended, your carpet will not have looked so clean after you have had a go with the Henry extra vacuum. You will never go back to a Dyson.