Henry Vacuum Head

Below you will find advice and buying tips for a Henry vacuum head including a brief but useful review. Use the information to help you decide if this is the right vacuum head for you and if you need a new vacuum head for your Henry vacuum cleaner.

The Henry vacuum head that we have reviewed below is very popular and has received some very impressive customer reviews; if your hoover has lost some suction and you need a new head this one will bring your Henry vacuum back to life.

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Henry Vacuum Head Review

Henry Vacuum HeadThis is a highly rated Henry vacuum head; it is a non-genuine Henry part that will work with all Henry vacuum cleaners in the Henry range, which is why it is so cheap.

This Henry vacuum head measures 32mm across and is for hard floor and carpet use, this Henry vacuum head has achieved an impressive 4.3 out of 5 star product rating from 89 customer reviews.

Customers state that this Henry vacuum head works well and is very efficient, it fits onto all the hoses that come with Henry vacuum cleaners and does the job it is supposed to do.

If your Henry vacuum cleaner has lost some suction then it could be down to a few things, your Henry vacuum head could be blocked, your filter could need replacing or cleaning, your hose might have a hole in or your dust bags might need changing.

Make sure you check everything listed above before you buy a new Henry vacuum head because this might not be the problem for your loss of suction, the problem could be down to a few of the things listed above and if it is you would be better off buying a Henry tool kit that includes all the parts needed to solve most of the problems listed above.

You have to be aware before you buy this Henry vacuum head that it is not as good as the original Henry vacuum head that comes with the Henry when you buy it but this is why it is so much cheaper, if you buy an official Henry vacuum head from a high street store you will pay a lot more for it than this Henry vacuum head.

Many customers are very pleased with this cheap Henry vacuum head as it has made a big improvement to their suction on their Henry vacuum cleaner, if your current Henry vacuum head is worn and damaged then this one will make a good replacement.

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