Henry Vacuum VNP180-1

Below you will find a brief but useful review for the Henry vacuum VNP180-1 including some buying tips and advice. Use the information to help you decide if this is the right vacuum cleaner for you.

The Henry vacuum VNP180-1 is a commercial quality vacuum cleaner that has all the same features as the original red Henry vacuum only it has a cable storage area on the lid.

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Henry Vacuum VNP180-1 Review

Henry Vacuum VNP180-1This is the highly rated commercial quality grey Henry vacuum VNP180-1 which has a powerful 1200W motor and very powerful suction.

The Henry vacuum VNP180-1 has all the same features of the original red Henry vacuum only it does not have the release and easy rewind cable storage system, on the Henry vacuum VNP180-1 the cable is wound around the top of the lid, making it easier to replace if it becomes damaged in some way.

The Henry vacuum VNP180-1 cleaner uses the highly effective permatex filtration system which means what goes into the vacuum stays in the vacuum which is perfect for asthma and allergy sufferers as you don’t get all the dust particles left in the air after hoovering.

The high filtration system on the Henry vacuum VNP180-1 also means you don’t get all those nasty smells other vacuum cleaners give off while hoovering which is particularly useful if you have pets, it will banish all those foisty cat and dog smells from the air leaving your room smelling clean and sweet.

Like all the Henry vacuum cleaners the Henry vacuum VNP180-1 is no different, it has a very powerful suction that will not let you down, if you are sick and tired of blockages and having to empty the bin all the time with your current vacuum now is the time to try the Henry vacuum VNP180-1, you will not be disappointed.

The Henry vacuum VNP180-1 is light and easy to move around your home and office, doing the vacuuming will not feel like so much hard work anymore, Henry vacuum cleaners just do the jobs there are supposed to do and they keep it simple.

The numatic Henry vacuum VNP180-1 cleaner is so well made that it will last you a very long time making it great value for money, these really are top class vacuum cleaners, once you have had one Henry you will not go with another brand ever again.

The numatic Henry vacuum VNP180-1 has received an impressive 5 out of 5 star product rating on amazon at the time of writing, this is one highly rated and highly recommended vacuum cleaner.

Customers that have purchased the Henry vacuum VNP180-1 cleaner state that this is without doubt the best vacuum cleaner they have ever had, it has a really good powerful suction, don’t waste your time with other hoovers just buy the Henry vacuum VNP180-1 because they are so good for the price you pay.

If you have had a Dyson or a Vax now is the time to try a Henry vacuum, they are so much better, don’t be put off by how cheap they are to buy because expense does not mean quality, they are worth giving a try and I am confident that if you do you will not want any other vacuum cleaner again other than a Henry.

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