Henry The Vacuum

Sick of losing suction on your Dyson vacuum? Then read on…..

Below you will find buying tips, advice and a brief review on the popular Henry the vacuum cleaner. Henry the vacuum is the number one best seller on amazon in the cylinder vacuum department.

The Henry 620w Xtra vacuum is the best in the range for sucking up cat and dog hair. This vacuum comes equiped with loads of attachments and is well worth the price, even though it is slightly more expensive than the origianl Henry.

This site is here to provide independent tips and advice on Henry the vacuum cleaners, the site has not been created by the brand Henry and we are in no way related to Henry vacuum in any way. We are here to help you find the right Henry the vacuum for you and your home or business.

Use the site to help you find which vacuum from the Henry the vacuum range is the right one for you, whether you require a simple easy to use and manoeuvre vacuum or a wet and dry cleaning vacuum there is something in the range for you.

To have a look through the entire Henry the vacuum range and to read through some more customer reviews on any of the Henry the vacuum products head on over to amazon.co.uk.

Henry the Vacuum HVR200A

henry the vacuumThis is Henry the vacuum number HVR200A and is the most popular out of the whole Henry range.

This Henry the vacuum is a high performance bagged cylinder cleaner that can be used in high and low modes.

If you use Henry the vacuum in high mode the motor runs at 1200 W and in low mode the motor runs at 600 W.

This Henry the vacuum has a high efficiency filtration system, a folding carry handle that makes it easy to move around and store, uses simple to install and remove dust bags and has a unique quick rewind system. Henry the vacuum is so popular because it is so easy to use and is small so it is easy to store out of the way.

Henry has a long cleaning range of 26.8m for such a small vacuum, the brush head is easy to use and can get into small tight spaces that other vacuum cleaners might not be able to reach, Henry the vacuum is light (only 6.6kg) and is easy to drag around the room quickly if you are in a rush, you won’t use up too much energy, great for older people that can’t drag a heavy vacuum around the house anymore.

Henry the vacuum is very well made and robust, it will take plenty of knock and bangs along the way and will not break, people like these vacuum cleaners so much because they last such a long time, they are a great investment.

inside henryHenry the vacuum has a huge 9 litre capacity so you won’t have to keep stopping to change the bags all the time, it has an energy save feature that will save you money on your cleaning, its auto save feature will save you a 50% energy saving and has lower noise levels.

When you switch the vacuum on it will start in energy saving mode, if you need extra power for tricky dirt spots or to suck up cat or dog hair all you have to do is press a button and you will have more suction power. When you do not need to be in hi mode just push the same switch and you will go back into low mode, it’s that simple.

It has a long 10 meter cable that can be stored inside after use using the easy to use rewind system, keeps everything stored away neat and tidy ready for its next outing on the carpet.

It also has a very clever filtration system that makes sure what goes into the vacuum stays inside the vacuum, the dust bags are easy to put in and take out and this vacuum certainly makes life a little easier.

henry the vacuum toolsIn this Henry the vacuum kit you get the floor nozzle, a crevice tool, the nuflex threaded hose, stainless steel tube bend and extension tube, double taper hose, a soft dusting brush, upholstery nozzle and a slide on brush for the upholstery nozzle, what a bargain considering how long Henry the vacuum is going to last you. The Henry the vacuum replacement dust bags only cost £3.59 for a pack of 10 too.

You know the vacuum is good when it has received a massive 860 customer reviews on amazon and has achieved a 4.7 out of 5 star product rating from all those reviews; this is one very popular vacuum cleaner.

Customers that have bought this  vacuum cleaner state that it is such a good vacuum cleaner and is very reasonably priced, once you have had one of these vacuum cleaners you will never go back to another brand.

One customer states that her first Henry lasted her just over 20 years, over that period taking many falls and knocks but never got damaged and just kept on going which is why she had to buy another Henry the vacuum because they are so good.

The dust bags that these vacuum cleaners use are large and are often a lot bigger than what other vacuum cleaners use so you do not have to change them as often, it just makes doing the vacuuming a lot easier.

I do not think for one second that you will regret buying a Henry the vacuum cleaner, I love using mine and would give it a 5 out of 5 star rating, it never loses its suction like some of the Dysons do and it is so easy to maintain and keep going yourself, parts are so cheap and are available to buy on amazon.

You will not look back when you buy one of these vacuum cleaners, you will be able to pull it around your rooms quickly and easily, get into small corners and under furniture and beds without any problems at all.

All you have to do is to read through all the excellent  customer reviews; this vacuum is worth every penny and is very cheap compared to other vacuum cleaners. Why get a Dyson, they are expensive to buy and expensive to fix, they are heavy compared to Henry the vacuum and they lose their suction and they need unblocking all the time because they don’t use bags.

Dyson vacuums are a little more complicated to use, Henry the vacuum is a straight forward easy to use vacuum cleaner that gets the job done, it will blow spots off your Dyson.

All I have to say is to forget all the flash over priced vacuum cleaners around just get one of these vacuums and you will not be disappointed, I have no bad points to mention for this vacuum it is that good, if you’re not convinced just read some more customer reviews.


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