Hetty Spray Mop

Below you will find information about the popular Hetty spray mop including some useful buying tips and a brief review. Use the information to help you decide if this is the right mop for you.

The Hetty spray mop is an effective hard floor cleaning mop that includes a useful 400ml cleaning solution bottle that is attached to the bottom of the mop to make cleaning your hard floors that little bit easier.

To read through some more information about the Hetty spray mop head on over to the numatic.co.uk website, you can buy the micro cleaning pads for use with the Hetty spray mop cheap at amazon.co.uk.


Hetty Spray Mop Review

Hetty Spray MopThis is the very popular and highly rated Hetty spray mop HM40, it can be used to clean hard floors whether they are dry or wet and can be used with or without a cleaning solution.

The Hetty spray mop has a cleaning solution bottle at the bottom of the mop just above the microfibre mat, which can be used with your foot or hand.

If you have large areas of hard floor surfaces to clean the Hetty spray mop will make it easier to do, it has a microfibre pad size of 400ml and only weighs 1kg making it very easy to move around your hard floors.

There are a few negative points to mention with the Hetty spray mop, the springs sometimes come loose and the floor nozzle can get twisted, little problems which are very easily solved.

The microfibre pads that the Hetty spray mop uses are very cheap to buy on amazon and best of all they are re-usable, all you have to do is pop them in the washing machine when they get dirty and they are ready to go again.

The microfibre pads that the Hetty spray mop uses are thick and will last you a long time, a big bonus with this mop is that the head turns on a pivot making it very easy to clean in those hard to reach areas. Although the Hetty spray mop and the Henry spray mop are quite expensive when it comes to mops they are worth the extra cash because they are that bit better.

At the moment the Hetty spray mop is not available to buy on amazon but if you like the sound of it then have a look at the Henry spray mop which is just the same only in red and is cheap to buy on amazon.