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Henry Vacuum Parts

Below you will find buying tips and advice on lots of Henry vacuum parts including a brief review on each part. So if your Henry has lost some suction or is giving off a nasty smell then do not worry there is a part listed below to get it working correctly again.

We have listed Henry vacuum parts including a full tool kit, a new floor tool, a new hose, a new filter and new cotton dust bags. Use the information to help you decide which parts you need to get your Henry working at full speed again.

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To read through some customer reviews and to find the cheapest price to buy all the listed Henry vacuum parts head on over to amazon.co.uk, they sell all the parts that I have listed at very cheap prices. All the Henry vacuum parts that I have listed will work with all the vacuum cleaners in the Henry vacuum range.

Full Henry Vacuum Parts Tool Kit Review

Henry Vacuum Parts Full Tool KitThis tool kit contains all the Henry vacuum parts you will need to give your old Henry vacuum a new lease of life, if there is a hole in your hose and it's lost some of it's suction then why not buy this full kit of Henry vacuum parts which is great value for money.

This tool kit includes the following Henry vacuum parts: a super long 2.5m hose, a carpets and hard floor nozzle tool, a dusting brush, a crevice nozzle to help clean all your upholstery and two chrome extension rods, this Henry vacuum parts tool kit is great value for money. If your current Henry vacuum parts have become a bit worn and tired then breathe some new life into your Henry vacuum with this complete Henry vacuum parts kit.

This Henry vacuum parts tool kit is very popular on amazon and has received some very impressive customer reviews, customers state that all the parts work well, are very good quality and are reasonably priced.

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Best price including free UK delivery.

Henry Vacuum Parts Floor Tool Review

Henry Vacuum Parts Floor ToolThis is a very popular and highly rated floor tool, if this part of your Henry vacuum parts needs replacing then this one is cheap and will do the job no problem.

This is not an official Henry vacuum part but it is cheap and will fit onto all Henry vacuum cleaners. This is a high quality 32mm hard floor and carpet floor tool that has received a whopping 89 reviews and an impressive product rating of 4.3 out of 5 stars. If your Henry vacuum is not picking up well any more and you feel it might be the floor tool that is blocked then get one of these to replace it, customers highly recommend it and it will bring your Henry back to life.

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Henry Vacuum Parts Hose Review

Henry Vacuum Parts HoseThis is a super long 2.5m Henry vacuum hose, if this is the Henry vacuum part that needs replacing you will have lost some suction on your Henry or your current hose may have completely come away from your Henry.

This is a very cheap Henry vacuum part and comes highly recommended; this hose fits all Henry vacuum cleaners and will bring the suction back to your good old Henry vacuum cleaner.

Don't throw your Henry vacuum away just because it has lost it powerful suction, just get one of these cheap hoses and get that suction back, check that it's not the filter that is causing the loss of suction before you buy a new hose.

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Best price to buy including free UK delivery.

Henry Vacuum Parts Replacement Filter Review

Henry Vacuum Parts Replacement FilterThis is a high quality replacement filter for your Henry vacuum cleaner; if your Henry or Hetty has started to give off a nasty smell or has lost some suction then this is the Henry vacuum part that you require.

Before your buy a new filter you could try washing your old filter in the washing machine, if this does not work then you need a new one. These Henry vacuum parts are cheap to buy and are highly rated on amazon. Customers state that these filters fit on all Henry vacuum cleaners and they are great value for money.

Get your Henry vacuum cleaner running like new again and get this Henry vacuum part, it is good value and does the job it is supposed to do, it will stop all those nasty smells you get while you are hoovering.

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Henry Vacuum Parts New Dust Bags Review

Henry Vacuum Parts New Dust BagsThese are Hepaflo dust bags that fit all Henry vacuum cleaners, if you have run out of dust bags then this is the Henry vacuum part that you require next.

These are the best dust bags that you can buy because they are not made from paper like the other ones you can buy therefore they will not split when you attach them to your Henry vacuum cleaner.

You get ten dust bags in each pack and they come highly rated by amazon customers, they have a very good 4.6 out of 5 star product rating from a whopping 182 customer reviews, this is one of the more popular Henry vacuum parts that you can buy.

These cotton-based bags are a bit more expensive that the paper based bags but they are bigger and better quality, I think they are worth paying that bit extra for.

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Henry Vacuum Deals To You

Deal of the Week

Henry Vacuum Bags Henry Vacuum Bags
#1 Best Seller
Pack of 10 dust bags for Henry the Vacuum, fits all the Henry range. High efficiency disposable filter bags.
Learn more

Henry Vacuum Range

Henry Vacuum HVR200A 1. Henry Vacuum HVR200A
#1 Best Seller
The most popular simple to use Henry the Vacuum.
Henry Vacuum HVR200-22 2. Henry Vacuum HVR200-22
High performance 1200W vacuum cleaner, cleaning range of 31.8m.
Henry Vacuum HVB200-22 3. Henry Vacuum HVB200-22
Numatic Henry vacuum cleaner with 1100W motor and folding carry handle.
henry Vacuum HVY200-22 4. Henry Vacuum HVY200-22
The yellow version of henry the vacuum, has a 1220W motor and 9 litre capacity.
Henry Turbo Vacuum HVR200T-2 5. Henry Turbo Vacuum HVR200T-2
The Henry turbo vaccum has an electric power brush system and weighs 7.3 kg.
Henry Extra Vacuum HVX200A 6. Henry Extra Vacuum HVX200A
The Henry Extra comes with a 10m cable and a 2 speed motor, great for pets.
Henry Hound Vacuum HHR200-2 7. Henry Hound Vacuum HHR200-2
Has a 1100W motor and a capacity of 9 litres. Cleaning range of 31.9 meters.
Hetty Vacuum HET200 8. Hetty Vacuum HET200
Has all the same features as the popular Henry vacuum, 1200W motor, folding handle.
Harry Vacuum HHR200A 9. Harry Vacuum HHR200A
Numatic pet vacuum cleaner with energy saving motor, has a unique pet hairbrush.
Henry Micro Vacuum 10. Henry Micro Vacuum HVR200M-22
The Henry micro vacuum is the best vacuum for asthma and allergy sufferers.
Henry Hoover Desk Vacuum 11. Henry Hoover Desk Vacuum
#1 Best Seller
Miniature version of the popular Henry vacuum, battery operated.
Hetty Hoover Desk Vacuum 12. Hetty Hoover Desk Vacuum
The Hetty desk vacuum is powered by 2 AA batteries, a great addition to the range.
Charles Vacuum CVC370 13. Charles Vacuum CVC370
#1 Best Seller
For wet and dry use, comes with a 1200W motor.
James Vacuum JVP180 14. James Vacuum JVP180
Small dry vacuum cleaner with powerfull 1100W motor and large 8L capacity.
George Vacuum GVE370-2 15. George Vacuum GVE370-2
This is a 3 in 1 vacuum cleaner for wet and dry cleaning, powerfull 1200W motor.
Henry Vacuum NRV200-22 16. Henry Vacuum NRV200-22
Commercial bagged cylinder Henry vacuum with three stage filtration system and powerful motor.
Henry Vacuum VNP180-1 17. Henry Vacuum VNP180-1
Commercial quality powerful 1200W motor Henry vacuum cleaner with high filtration.
Little Henry Vacuum 18. Little Henry Vacuum Toy
This is the toy Henry vacuum cleaner that picks up small pieces of paper and beads.
Little Hetty Vacuum 19. Little Hetty Vacuum Toy
Scaled down replica toy of the Hetty vacuum, requires 4 x CC batteries.
Henry Spray Mop HM40 20. Henry Spray Mop HM40
Lovely hardfloor mop which is 1kg in weight. Mop is easy to use with spray feature.

Henry Vacuum Accessories

Henry Vacuum Filter 1. Henry Vacuum Filter
Replacement filter for Henry vacuum cleaners, made by Qualtex.
Henry Vacuum Cleaner Hose 2. Henry Vacuum Cleaner Hose
A Qualtex 2.5 meter hose that will fit all numatic Henry vacuum cleaners.
Henry Vacuum Parts 3. Henry Vacuum Parts
A full henry vacuum parts kit including a 2.5 meter cleaning hose, floor nozzle, brushes.
Henry Vacuum Turbo Brush 4. henry Vacuum Turbo Brush
This turbo brush will fit all Henry and Hetty vacuum cleaners, great for pet hair.
Henry Vacuum Head 5. Henry Vacuum Head
32mm floor tool that fits all Henry vacuum cleaners, tool is for hard floors and carpets.

Best Selling Vacuums

Numatic Henry Vacuum 1. Numatic Henry Vacuum
This is the most popular vacuum on the market, easy to use and control vacuum.
Vax Bagless Vacuum 2. Vax Bagless Vacuum
This is the very popular Vax bagless air reach multicyclonic upright vacuum cleaner.
Morphy Richards Vacuum 3. Morphy Richards Vacuum
This is a family and pets vacuum that never loses suction, the vacuum is bagless.
Vax Vacuum Carpet Washer 4. Vax Vacuum and Carpet Washer
This is the 3 in 1 Vax dry vacuum and carpet washer, has large capacity tanks and is easy to use.
Dyson Ball Vacuum 5. Dyson Ball Vacuum
This is the ultra lightweight and compact Dyson ball vacuum, no loss of suction.
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